Meme with purpose!

Get in on the ground floor of the meme revolution with Poro and its unparalleled utility on Arbitrum!

Poro is king


Poro is a fluffy and cute meme token that is well-known for its playful nature and its love for snacking on cookies, a favorite treat. Champions who hold PORO will automatically receive reflection rewards in OREO for their commitment. In addition to its cute appearance, Poro not only rewards its investors but also has utility as it is the first to introduce a decentralized Prediction market on the Arbitrum chain.

1000+ FIgures Collection Image


Total Supply100,000,000,000
Initial Market Cap$10,773
Initial Liquidity3.6 ETH (4,860$)
Team Wallet1%
Holders Wallet for rewards100,000,000
Ownership RenounceYes


With every transaction, Poro automatically enhances its liquidity pool, consolidating its position and providing benefits for holders.



Poro's treasury funds are used to pay for the various costs associated with its operation, such as salaries, hosting, marketing, and more.



All champion holders will receive passive income paid in OREO based on the amount of PORO they hold, but not less then 100,000,000 FLUFF.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy PORO Token?

Poro can be purchased during the IDO phase or acquired through OreoSwap after the IDO has concluded.

Is there any Audit?

Yes, our token has been audited by Cognitos.

What is the utility?

Poro is a multifaceted token that is both a fluffy meme token and has practical utility. As the first to introduce the prediction market, it is a meme with a purpose.

How does the reflection rewards work?

Reflection tokens are also known as reward tokens because they pay token holders a portion of the collected fees simply for holding them through a static reward system. This functionality provides investors with a source of passive income.
Consult a financial advisor before investing. Poro (FLUFF) is a meme token; investors should be aware of risks. Investing in this token is done at your own risk.

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